Yes, actual knitting content. Of my own. Real, live, finished objects. It’s no wonder Professor Farnsworth is confused….

First, the boring, but utilitarian.

Mmmm. Socks. Basic 2×2 rib done in ShibuiKnits Sock in the Honey colorway, which I like very much despite my general aversion to all items of clothing of the mustard-yellow variety.

Next, the sentimental, yet equally utilitarian, project.

This is part of my Indiana Fiber Event take–a fantastic blend of Indiana-grown shetland wool and mohair from Rooster’s Run Farm–and I decided it needed an Indiana-based pattern to do it justice. Enter Nicole and her Hoosier-native Nine-to-Five Socks (ravelry).

I cast on both socks on May 7 during the car ride to Kalamazoo and the International Medieval Congress and finished both pairs just in time for the weather to change from cold and rainy to hot-ugly-humid and rainy. Yesterday was the first day in a while where I pondered the worthy all-season wearability of wool socks and didn’t immediately need to go stick my head in the freezer to rid myself of the thought of an added layer in this heat….

Still, two pairs of freshly knitted wool socks now await the arrival of fall. Next up: an article to write and four sweaters to finish, of which the article and 2 sweaters are destined for (or doomed for depending on how you look at it) for publication.