Today has been a confusing day. To wit: I drove around the Indy 500 racetrack (in a bus), rode on 2 planes (for a total 7 hours), knit 8 rows on my nearly-done Icarus shawl (more than 2.5 hours of knitting, or over 20 minutes a row), took a fantastic photograph with 3 major Cascade mountains contained therein, sang the national anthem of Canada to Eddie Izzard (with my sister as my singing partner, despite the fact that we’re not Canadian), and then watched as an unsuspecting Eddie gracefully–if confusedly–agreed to allow a fellow crowd member to take photos of his feet for inclusion in a photo collage (which makes me wonder if Icarus looked at his feet and wished he’d just asked for Apollo’s winged* shoes instead of asking for something fancy like inclusion in a famous persons’** feet photo collage).

Eddie as we’d like to remember him (except for the red eye):

Eddie wondering why his feet are suddenly the center of attention:

Tomorrow night: the actual Eddie Izzard stand-up show. We crashed the Q&A tonight without having seen the show itself. Life is good.

*Winged is a two syllable word. Wing-Ed. Try it out. It sounds better that way. More learned. “Learned” being another two-syllable word.
**Mr. Izzard’s response was that he was “only a minor celebrity.” In the words of another minor celebrity (with bunny rabbit ears), Cher Horowitz, “As if!”

Photos courtesy of my sister.