This system of LED lights will represent lace patterns up to 10 sts wide that use the following sts: If you have Knitter's Symbols Fonts (by David Xenakis) already installed, you can type out your stitch pattern in a word processor and cut and paste the lines into the next page of this generator. Otherwise, simply type it in using the key above.

Step 1

How many rows in your pattern?
How many sts in your main repeat? (max: 10 sts)
Is every other row all knit?
     Yes     No

Upload Your Pattern to the Know-It-All Bag

Save the KnowItAllBagCustom.pde file to your Desktop. Open it in NotePad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac). Look for the line that says "PASTE CUSTOM CODE HERE".

Copy the following lines and paste them over the "PASTE CUSTOM CODE HERE". Then save the file and upload it to your LilyPad Arduino.