The Know-It-All Bag in a GreenhouseAwesome! The winner of Knitty’s contest for the Know It All bag kit (provided by SparkFun) is a local! It’s a very, very small world. Congratulations to Stephanie B, who’s going to teach her son how electronic circuitry works.

And now it’s my turn. SparkFun provided two–yes, TWO!–Know It All bag kits for Knitty readers to play with, and now that Knitty’s given theirs away, I’m going to give mine away.

To enter, leave a comment on this post [below, where it says "Leave a Reply"] and tell us what you’d like to program into your Know it all Bag! I’ll pick the one I like the best and send out a kit, lickety-split!

(One comment per person. Contest ends April, 15 2010. Approximate value of prize: $65.90. Winner will be contacted before their name is announced.)

50 Responses to “Win a Know It All LilyPad kit!”

  1. Emily says:

    I’d program in the pattern for Absinthe or Aeolian from Knitty.

  2. Melanie C says:

    I love the idea of combining a very old craft with a very new one in a very usable way, which is exactly what both crafts are intended for! I think it would be awesome to program my bag to display lace charts in Morse-ish code. Maybe 1 blink for knit, 2 for purl, 3 for k2tog, long blip for yarnover… the possibilities are endless!

  3. Mulene says:

    I’d like to program it to tell my boss it’s time for me to
    have a knit break ;)

  4. Melodie S. says:

    I would love this bag! I knit almost everywhere and always get asked what I am knitting. Of course then I forget where I am, in the knitting! I belong to a great group of ladies called the farmgirls. We spend time sharing with others traditional crafts and skills. This would be a great way to get some of those visiting us at farmer markets etc interested in knitting.

  5. Melanie C says:

    Wow. Just realized that my suggestion is what the bag already does. I am an idiot. And very excited about this bag!! I thought it was just for keeping track of rows, which is already ridiculously cool. Okay, I would… take a favourite poem or song, substitute letters for stitches, program it into the bag, and knit a scarf with it. This is so cool.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I would program my bag to deter the kids while I’m knittng. It could send out some kind of signal that would hypnotise them into wandering off to play harmlessly in their rooms until my knitting time was over.

  7. TinaR says:

    I would program Knitty’s Cozy ( which is a KIP.

    Currently I use a small metal easel with magnet to hold the pattern. Having the kit would save me time and frustration in figuring out where to set up the easel when I’m knitting away from home.

  8. kelli says:

    I would love to program in the Hanami Stole.

    I think a cool project would be to have someone send out a program to knitters who use it as a mystery project — just follow along with what the bag tells you to do each row!

  9. Nigel Pottle says:

    I’d program mine to make my coffee and deliver it, oh and keep it warm while I’m knititng because I get caught up in the stitches and forget to sip on time. An end to lukewarm coffee. Yay.

  10. Sandi says:

    I’d love to use this to keep track of a shawl pattern.

  11. Donna B. says:

    I’m on a scarf knitting kick, and I always choose easy patterns I can memorize and don’t need a counter or chart for. But with the bag, I could use a more complex lace pattern and still travel with it! My travel knitting wouldn’t have to be my simple, boring knitting.

  12. Susan says:

    My next project is undecided, but I’d choose something lacy — a pretty shawl or scarf that I could relish working on without a printed pattern!

  13. Cindy says:

    I would program the bag for peace and to remind me to enjoy what stands around me. I am very rarely by myself so it would be programed to give me at least 20 minutes of me.

  14. Michelle H. says:

    Haven’t quite decided. I have a few skeins coming from Germany, so whatever shawl pattern is meant to be.

  15. Rora114 says:

    I think I would programme the Ishbel into it, and finally complete one!

  16. Nicole says:

    I’d like to make my own lace pattern using a binary code that says I love you in Latin. :)

  17. Gina says:

    I am so excited about this bag! What a great idea! I’d program into it a sock pattern, since that is all I seem to knit, lately.

  18. Jo says:

    I would programme in lace patterns, and use it as a row counter as well.

  19. Carolyn Ross says:

    This bag sounds pretty cool! I’d love for the program to do a set of random stitches which would repeat for a set number of rows (which you could define) making an all over new design each time you randomize the stitches. I find that I often make socks using particular directions but with a different stitch pattern. This would be one more way to make a unique pattern.

  20. Will says:

    I’d like to program the pattern for the know it all bag in it and have an awesomely self-aware accesory. Also, where I left my car keys.

  21. orata says:

    Laminaria! (Is that within the stitch repeat limitations? If not, I guess I have some extra programming to do…)

  22. Gemma says:

    This bag is so clever! As I’m writing up my PhD I would have to program the bag to remind me to stop knitting and get back to work. Maybe this would help address the vast discrepancy between the amount of time I spend knitting and the amount of time I spend writing.

  23. So amazing – I’d love to bring the pattern for Mountain Laurel Leafs with me everywhere – I think that’s the way to go if I shall ever remember those leaves and get that great scarf. Love your bag, just the right thing for a nerd like me :)

  24. Sarah/Scienceprincess says:

    I would program it with the old geek joke, “There are 10 kinds of people in the world — those who understand binary, and those who don’t.” It’s a very cool bag :-)

  25. Jen says:

    Socks… for sure – small, portable – the whole project could fit into the bag! Or maybe a nice little lacy piece, a cowl or shawlette. I love that this project is like a fun house mirror – you see yourself reapeated over and over – this bag allows you to carry a project within a project…

  26. Merna says:

    A cable pattern — can one do that?

  27. Bess says:

    To me, this is a bag made for socks and shawls! I love being able to bring a small project in my purse, but normally I avoid charts for my “purse project”, this bag would change all that! I would start with Ishbel, because I just love Isolda Teague’s designs!

    This is an absolutely brilliant idea to mix basic circuitry and knitting. I love that this is an electronic device I could put together myself! I can’t wait to show this to my electronics-geek-hobbyist family members. Who knows what other ideas it might inspire!

  28. Allison M-J says:

    If I had the lovely Know it All Bag, I would conquer my fear of fair isle knitting! I have a concentration problem so haven’t tackled it yet because I think I would fail miserably. I’ve had my eye on a fantastic Fair Isle Vest pattern from a 2007 KnitSimple magazine that I’ve been hanging on to in hopes I would get some courage one day. I would love to program that in to the bag!

  29. Love the idea of technology and craft. Perfect for me, who cannot follow a pattern without prompting, but love tech gadgets!

  30. Laura T says:

    I would use it to work on socks and shawls. I have issues with remembering patterns and what exactly comes next! Socks are me do not get along. I have started and ripped out many a sock! I work for a circuit board manfuacturer and would LOVE to see how this bag works! I work with PCB’s, circuits and electronics everyday and the thought that I could have a bag that has these things sewn in amazes me. When I first saw it, I was dying to have it. I showed it to every one in my office and we were all equally amazed at the thought!! I cannot wait to program this bag into anything and everything I want to make.

  31. Susan Brush says:

    Being a database queen, I would spend time playing with all the options available. To bond two of my favorite activities, Knitting and technology, would be the ultimate achievement.

  32. Kenya says:

    I’m so new at knitting I would probably program in a binary logic scarf with an edge.

  33. TripletMom says:

    I would program it to hit a pause button on my 5 yr old triplets in order to have some quiet knit time :)

  34. kaphine says:

    Oooohh. I want!

  35. Silverlotus says:

    I’d program it with Lucy Neatby’s Mermaid socks. And I’d also use it to show my Engineer husband that knitting is pretty cool. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Eve says:

    Possible things I would program into the Know-It-All bag:

    A mystery project for a close friend of mine who moved away almost a year ago, and who since she left has taken up knitting.

    A knittable top-secret message for a very clever child I know, who recently moved to a new town and is having a tough time settling in.

    A series of codes to silently communicate with my office-mate (we share an open cubicle, and are often shushed by the folks in the adjoining cubes when we try to chat).

    Most likely, though, is that I would program the bag with my phone number. You see, I have a wretched short-term memory, and I am always losing my accessories–on the bus, on park benches, in theatres or restaurants, at parties. I have lost so many hats, scarves, mittens, and bags over the years that you could probably build another me out of all the things I’ve left behind.

    I feel as though I invariably lose the things and people I love the most, but I try to at least give them the chance to find their way back home.

  37. Stephanie B. says:

    That “local” is me…and I’m so excited that I won!! Thanks for helping me be able to knit and teach at the same time (I’ll be learning, too, and glad I have a techy husband to whine my confusion to.). Cool pattern! Oh, and in case I would be eligible to win this one, too, I would hand it over to my 10-year-old girl, who knits, and have her go wild creating alongside me!

  38. chemgrrl says:

    I would program in the code for world domination. In scarf form.

    Am I automatically disqualified? Since I am so awesome and all?

  39. Cindy says:

    I would love it to remind me of how to do a heel on a toe-up sock. And also to remind me if I fed the fish or not ;)

  40. marie says:

    the things I would program, I’d need at least 2, one for socks, one for shawls….hmmm maybe I need more than 2….I would love to program it to take notes in my meetings, so that I can happily knit away and have notes to show I was paying attention :)

  41. Beth says:

    Twice a week I knit at work during lunchtime. If I had a Know-It-All bag I’d program in whichever project (usually lace) I am working on at work. Since I am a data warehouse developer, I NEED a geeky knitting bag to compliment my geeky day job!

  42. Cyn says:

    This has to be the ultimate attention-getter for Knitting-In-Public. Somehow, when I KIP, very few people make comment or interrupt me. Perhaps I look grumpy, or like I am deep in concentration, I don’t know.

    So, since most friends and family for whom I knit prefer thin scarves, the 10-stitch repeat should be perfectly satisfactory… and I’ve been known to adjust repeats to suit my own needs, as well.

    The Know-It-All bag would definitely become my KIP tote at work, on the road, and anywhere else I get time to knit.

    (I look forward to seeing what you next develop, Kalani.)

  43. Cindy V says:

    I’d have to reserve the bag for my carry along projects. To be able to have my pattern without having to find my lace on the paper after each time I have to set it down would be wonderful.

  44. Aimee says:

    I would program in a nubbly pattern for dishcloths. They’re so easy to make as gifts, but I can’t seem to memorize the pattern. It’s a pain to pull out a paper pattern every 20 minutes…

  45. PinkSkatingGirl says:

    The Know It All bag is the coolest thing! It brought me to your blog, which is also cool. So much fun, and I’d love to win a kit. Geeks rule!

  46. Andrea S. says:

    I’ve been tinkering with the original arduino and would love to see its sister, the lilypad, in action. It combines my two passions – techy stuff and knitting! I would probably use it for socks since the bag looks socks-size and I can never remember the patterns for socks.

  47. Sarah O. says:

    I would program in the cable pattern for the sweater I’m knitting. Although a sock pattern seems more appropriate. Its the perfect size for socks.

  48. Amonyoshu says:

    Here’s hoping that it’s not too late to enter the contest!

  49. Amonyoshu says:

    Oops, I would program the bag to frighten my cat.

  50. Tami Hass says:

    I’d love to win the bag. I’d program it to keep my kids sleeping longer so I can keep knitting in peace !

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