To add a little variety to your sock knitting this holiday season, I’m putting These Socks Are Forked on sale for $5.50 (down from $5.95) for the month of December.

And to whet your appetite, I have photos of the second foray into sized forked-heel socks (the manly size is soon to come). As Nicole pointed out, babies have pronounced heels and fat feet, so making baby socks that fit can be difficult. The forked heel helps out by creating a longer, wider heel that will stay on.

4 Responses to “These Socks Are On Sale”

  1. chemgrrl says:

    Woo hoo! Nothing like a good cyber Monday sale.

  2. Nicole says:

    If you flip one of those socks upside down… it’s the same shape as Snoopy’s head!

  3. [...] Which is on sale for $5.50 during the month of December! (It’s normally $5.95.) So if you’re interested in baby socks, or just a new type of heel turn, go get it while the getting’s good. Here. [...]

  4. orata says:

    Yay! Teeny tiny forked socks–so cute!

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