Yesterday I lamented a lack of knitting on the home front.

Today, I made up for it with both knitting and dyeing. The former was relaxing, mindless and entirely satisfying, done on a pair of 2×2 rib socks with my forked heel using my own hand-dyed yarn. The latter? Well, let’s just say I needed a little heartburn to go with my Pepto Bismol.

A brief pictorial recap:

Not good. Not good at all, particularly for a woman who eschews pink, mauve, lilac, lavender and many other pastel staples of the I’m-A-Barbie-Girl lifestyle. Thankfully, I have superhero friends. Nicole, of All Buttoned Up, who’s a quiet administrator by day, moonlights as The Dastardly Dyer, and she rallied her considerable powers in service of a good cause: de-Barbie-fying my Pepto yarn.

The dyepot alone was enough to help heal the retinal burns I suffered from simply transferring the original Pepto yarn from its storage bin to a paper bag for transportation to and from The Dastardly Dyer’s lair.

But the finished product? Its burgundy depths have character. Each strand exhibits a vibrant glow that belies its original sickly-sweet color, even though its likely that the final color would never have been possible without that awful intermediate step.

I may just call this color “Heartburn.”

3 Responses to “News flash: Pepto Bismol overdose cured by heartburn and indigestion”

  1. orata says:

    Gorgeous! (I liked the pink, though, too.)

  2. Nicole says:

    Ooh! I’m a superhero? I like this! (Thanks for helping with my techie stuff, btw).

  3. chemgrrl says:

    Lookin good dere. But when do we get to see the finished sweater?

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