During the lull between writing the pattern for These Socks Are Forked and seeing the test-knit garments in their final glory, I worked on a basic 2×2 rib sock with the forked heel. Most of the knitting has been on Sunday Night Movie Night, which in my circle of friends is dedicated to the best of the worst, movies that should never have been made (or better yet, movies that should have gone straight to video). These movies are so bad that it’d be criminal not to make fun of them,* and the level of snark involved in watching one of these movie nights is so high that we’ve actually had to turn closed-captioning on so we can hear the dialogue.

As a result, it’s a little shocking that I didn’t get even the littlest, tiniest bit of crap when I whipped out my knitting for the first time at movie night. Truly a tribute to the imperturbability of my friends here. The only worry I really have is whether or not these socks are going to be evil when they grow up, thanks to the environment in which they were brought into the world.

My guess? These socks will likely bring about the end of the universe. But I’m sorta OK with that. They’re pretty. Fashion before safety, right?

*Last night, it was Broken Arrow, in which John Travolta plays an insane Stealth-bomber pilot who bare-knuckle boxes his good-guy co-pilot Christian Slater into submission before being symbolically penetrated by a giant nuclear bomb.

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