We now interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for a short message from one of our sponsors.

Now available at Ravelry!

This brand-new heel turn technique, the “forked heel,” will win over die-hard devotees of short-row and heel-flap techniques alike, thanks to the extra heel room and more anatomically correct shape.

To compliment the devilishly clever forked-heel technique, saucy forked-tongue flames lick up the sides of the instep and the cuff, warming you up in spirit even as the days cool down.

The pattern is available for sale for $5.95 through Ravelry.

3 Responses to “These Socks Are Forked!”

  1. chemgrrl says:

    Yay! The pictures turned out so cute!

  2. orata says:

    Hurray, the pattern is done! And the socks are SO beautiful! I love them, especially the part where the smoke dissolves up into the ribbing at the calf.

  3. [...] #3: Toe accomplished! 64 sts, short-rowed down to 12. That was fun! Maybe next I’ll try the forked heel. [...]

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