I don’t think Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie” song was about llamas. But then, I’m guessing he hasn’t met many llamas.

Cause these guys…

…well, they are all about the nookie.

Huan-Hua drove Elli and I up to Yellow Wood Farm yesterday, and when owners Laura and Fred walked us out to the llama barn, we were greeted by a stampede. If the llamacam is working, you can kinda get a feel for what it looked like. Except with more llamas, all of them taller than me. “You never feed us, you never bring us water, you never scratch us, you don’t show us off to company, you don’t love us….” (is what the llama herd seemed to say.)

Seriously, these were needy llamas, and we were all too happy to indulge them. We met Hopper, a 7-month-old llama who thinks he’s a four-legged human. (Drat. Huan-Hua says his name’s Cooper, so I’m deaf or forgetful, one of the two)

We met Michelle, who thinks humans are just two-legged llamas with better back-scratching technique.

We met Chatty, a show animal whose regal neck-arch radiated llama superiority (you could just hear her thinking to herself, “I am too sophisticated to actually ask for back-scratches, but do you think they’ll give them to me anyway?”)

We met Lewis, the blind llama with a story that would inspire that home makeover show with the irritating guy from Trading Spaces to build a new barn for the entire llama herd made out of solid gold and his buddy the three-legged llama whose name I can’t remember now. Both of these guys think they’re perfectly normal llamas, which makes sense, because Laura and Fred (Fred and Laura?) treat all their animals like part of a big, happy family. Sadly, no photos of these guys.

I got to feed Captain Curry, the lone studly guy in the female herd (the guy llamas had been sent off to the far reaches of the farm to hunt and gather while we frolicked with the smaller, friendlier female herd).

And finally, we met Paco, the singer from Simply Red.

I mean, the lone alpaca in a herd of llamas, though, thanks to Michelle, I have photographic evidence of considerable inter-species cooperation.

Actually, there might have been more than simply four-legged inter-species cooperation. Note Elli’s coy could-we-slow-things-down-a-bit-you’re-my-first-llama look here:

And her no-means-no body language here:

Despite (or perhaps because of) her forward nature and her constant advances, Michelle The Llama made such an impression that both Elli and Huan-Hua bought some of her (admittedly fabulous) silky-smooth roving for spinning. That wasn’t it, either. We all took home a good Indiana-llama-heavy haul of yarn from what looks like the world’s best personal yarn stash…

…but really supplies the online store at Farmhouse Fibers. Did I mention they ship? And that llama fiber–at least their llama fiber–is softer than alpaca?

Just try to resist. And if you can, then you clearly haven’t met the right llama. Or the right llama owners.

5 Responses to “They did it all for the nookie….”

  1. chemgrrl says:

    and if you don’t knit me by now
    you will never ever ever knit me
    oooooooo, ooo oooo!

    color me insanely jealous. red, if you like.

  2. orata says:

    You beat me to it! I’m still working on getting my photos sorted and uploaded to Flickr. I love your photos–the one of Fred is fabulous. I thought the little guy’s name was Cooper? I should have taken notes.

    Elli is going to kill you when she sees the caption :)

  3. [...] and Kalani got to feed a llama named Captain Curry, and then we went into the house, where we were confronted with a beautiful room full of yarn and fiber. I didn’t think to take a photo of the room-o-fiber, but you can see me wallowing in yarn in Kalani’s post. [...]

  4. Elli says:

    Oh, I can take the creative captioning standing up. I might just have to get you back when I post (which will probably be this evening) *insert evil cackle here*

    And I thought it was Hopper too. Much cooler that Cooper.

  5. Elli says:

    I realize that I’m copping out by not actually putting this up on my blog, but I have one word for you girlie-o:


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