Wait, does the “P” in WWKP stand for something else? Right, “Public.” Still, there certainly was proselytizing–complete with print collateral–at the All-Bloomington-all-the-time World-Wide Knit in Public Day.

Knitterly Proselytization
Nicole at allbuttonedup and Katie at historyweaver put together flyers and business cards in anticipation of the hordes (see photographic evidence above, which also includes photos of Anna and Huan-Hua) of people we assumed would be desperate to partake in our own yarn obsessions. There were, in fact, hordes of interested fiber-holics, though they came at fairly regularly spaced intervals, which kept the crowding to a minimum.

There were finished objects to be had…. (finished socks courtesy of Anna)

….and even a few non-human WWKiP attendees. This one was my favorite.

“Please don’t make me wear a sweater!” (is what I imagine he’s saying in this photo, anyway)

2 Responses to “World-Wide Knitting Proselytization Day!”

  1. chemgrrl says:

    Good thing the P doesn’t stand for ‘Pubic.’ That would make for some uncomfortable knitting.

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Sorry I missed it.

  2. orata says:

    Yay for WWKIPD! I love the dog picture. I also love the filename foatwwkip.jpg.

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