armhole1.jpgYay! I’ve gotten to one armhole and the short rows are lurvely.It remains to be seen whether or not the armhole will fit, but that’s beside the point. (In all seriousness, I think the armhole will be fine, it’s just that there’s less curvature than I’d normally put in an armhole because of how I did the calculations.)

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  1. orata says:

    Hey, new blog! Yay! We just got back from Madison (not nearly as nice as Bloomington) and I’m catching up on all my Rav-friends’ blog feeds.

    I can’t believe you’re so far with your reverse-engineered Mermaid. It’s looking great! Seems like I’ll need to pony up the leftover Sand soon.

  2. chemgrrl says:

    Hey! Dammit! When did you start blogging? That was very sneaky of you…

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